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About us


Autofastas, UAB is young and ambitious company which provide the services of transportation of the new and used cars by trucks. The company was quickly recognized by the customers as the reliable partner. Our main priority is responsible work and fair contract execution. We have a team of well-qualified drivers. We pay much attention for the motivation of our employees and maintenance of good relations, so we can say that our team is one of the strongest ones in the country! We always try to surprise our customers by doing more than we have promised, as we are fully aware that it is one of the main factors which determine our position. Our company was awarded by the certificates “Strongest in Lithuania” in the year 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015. “Strongest in Lithuania” certificates confirm that the company and the company manager are reliable, fulfil and are very likely to fulfil their financial obligations in the future.
Company solvency is evaluated and its rank is determined on the basis of the credit history (financial obligations and payment history), financial results and the changes thereof (income, profit, liquidity, equity capital, etc.), business connections, also the seizure of assets and other information.

Autofastas, UAB also received the award “Gazelė” in the year 2015.

The company supports the agility sport (with dogs), and allows for development of young drivers.

We are professional business partners and professionals in our field!